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eCommerce Report – About Us

Indonesia_Bali_Women_FruitWe’re back in Australia now, after a fantastic year in Jakarta, Indonesia, where e-commerce is booming.

For our latest stories on both Australian and Indonesian e-commerce go to the eCommerce News page.

We’ve had more than twenty years of research, publishing and participation in Australian electronic commerce.

As well as publishing Australia’s first specialist e-commerce and electronic messaging newsletters, directories and guides, we’ve developed online shops and eBay stores, traded in domain names, organised e-commerce conferences, hosted e-commerce meetings, and run e-commerce training courses.

We’re currently exploring and looking for new e-commerce opportunities, and any expressions of interest and or offers of assistance would be more than welcome.

Some of our current projects  include an online shop being developed in Magento at,  a blog at, another wordpress blog at, and a joomla site at

When we find time we’ll try to do something with our domains and web properties at,, and

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Stewart Carter


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